Paul Corio

Andrew talks to painter and musician Paul Corio about his ongoing exploration of geometric abstraction and why aesthetics and color matter most to him.

Paul Corio was born in Providence, Rhode Island and he lives and works in New York City. His paintings explore the effects and optical illusions created by color and tonal variation composed within intricate geometric fields of form and rhythm.

Many of Corio’s paintings have a rhythmic, intensity as the eye travels across the surface of the work.  In other works, variations in contrast cause ribbon-like bands of color to recede or project as they meander across a white ground. In another approach to painting, Corio systematically embraces chance to establish his color placement. The numbers of the winning horses from a particular day at one of New York’s three racetracks dictate the rotation of multiple color wheels set in a grid.

Corio’s multifarious pursuits inform both the conception and construction of his paintings. His long-time interest in thoroughbred racing yields his randomized color wheel system and also provides the majority of the titles for his paintings. Other titles come from spy and detective fiction, samurai cinema, or jazz music. Corio recorded and toured as a drummer with a number of punk bands in the 1980s and 1990s; these days when not painting or teaching he plays jazz.

Paul Corio’s work is represented by McKenzie Fine Art.

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